Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas. We do not go crazy when it comes to Christmas, we get the kids some of their wants and needs and my husband and I like to surprise each other. We avoid the boxing day sales like the plague and pretend all the shops are closed. It is a shame that we only shut down for one day of the year and most of the times, coffee shops, petrol stations etc are all open, so we like to stay at home and enjoy our gifts and let the kids play with their new toys.

A few days before the big day my husband and I had a treat, kid free for two full days and one night. We went to see The Hobbit at the cinema VIP style and frequented a few eateries too. The kids went with their aunts to the Vancouver Aquarium and a few festive places.

Christmas evening we had a big family gathering which was fun and nice to see everyone in one place. We really enjoyed the calm of it all. Over the weekend we went to see Frozen, it is a great family movie. I had a ladies night out, full of laughter but now we are preping for New Years. We have some yummy treats and vino and we may even have a few films to watch. With the kids we tend to not go anywhere but that is OK with us.

Here are a few marvelous things I received:

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