Saturday, December 7, 2013

Vintage Make-up

Like I have said before I have hooded eyes and thin lips. It is a bit of a pain getting glamed-up when the latest fashion is winged eyes and big red lips. However, it is not impossible. My top eye lids slope down, a lot, so doing winged eyes is a long affair which requires patience and make-up remover. I mark my eyes on each side with a dot before I even draw them in. I line my eyes using the lower lid opposed to the usual way of the upper lid. I do not stretch the eye at first, I draw the wing-line that I see when my eyes are open then I close the eye and fill in the bits that are not visible when open, so when you do close your eyes, or blink then there is a smooth line. I make a soft line, it looks better to be honest. I will do a tutorial on this at some point if demand is there.

As for my lips, I use a blue toned red lipstick, it is great on pale skin and if your teeth are less than dazzling, blinding white it will help to diminish the stains that red wine, coffee and food create. I first fill in my lips with the lipstick then even out and fill to establish full looking lips I use the lip liner in a circular motion around the outer lips. It will look less harsh than using a line and because lipstick comes off whilst drinking it will look less ridiculous between touch-ups. If you desire a strategically placed beauty spot on the cheek can be a nice touch.

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