Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nails Inc.

 My new colour from Nails Inc. I love reds and pinks but I have to move to greens. Nails Inc. has the amazing green colour called Queen Victoria Street. Love it! Looks really pretty on and it will go nicely with my new yoga outfit. I can look at my newly coloured painted toes whilst inverted!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pah! To Valentines Day

Do people really care about Valentines Day? A marketing ploy to get us to spend more money? Or is it a time for smooching, hoping that certain someone will send a card or flowers then finding that you get nothing. Perhaps a time to pop the question. 

You know, I don't care if I am taken out on Valentines Day or even given a card. Often my husband and I prefer not to do anything because we are far too busy with more important stuff. Am I being a bit bah hum buggish? Perhaps I am. 

In the past I have received red roses and eaten at fancy restaurants in a time when I was dating my lovely boyfriend who is now my husband. But when I was a teenager, waiting and hoping that a certain boy would send me a message whilst the other girls got cards well it certainty didn't encourage me to love it. I decided that Valentines was best kept to those.... I will stop there. 

I never lost hope that one day I may get something lovely and I have and did.