Saturday, July 26, 2014

La Senza Lingerie

La Senza has a sale on. I got 3 pairs of knickers and 2 bras for under $45, not bad considering one of their bras tend to be in the $45 region. 

Here I bought a sparkly pink and black bra with matching knickers. Animal print set and a pair of blue ombre pants that goes with a bra I have at home. I chose these strong sets because my underwear wardrobe is either white/nude or black and not much inbetween. 

This animal print bra has a lovely back to it, it is a little like a racer back bra with lace. It has a front fasten which has a pretty diamante clip. The shape, straps and front clip has been designed to give you the most amazing cleavage, I am very impressed by it. 

Very happy with this purchase. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Beautiful Hair Clips and Pins

After a brief visit to New Westminster's River Market I discovered that this is a special place to visit. River Market is a lovely location for shopping for food, flowers, independent stores, it is like a mini version of Granville Island's market. There is a great seating area outside overlooking the river, watching the tug boats. There is a piano sitting waiting for someone to play. There is a fabulous food court that has some great food. 

When I was there I came across several stands showing off handmade jewelry, pins, hairs clips, hats etc. I could not resist getting a few items for myself and my girls from Chlona Art.  The hair clips will be great on my girls and they grey pin will look lovely on jackets or coats. Some of the jewelry was reasonably priced and I wish I had bought some necklaces, ankle bracelets and the like. Maybe next time I go I will pick up some more goods. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Six Corner Handlebar Bag by Po Campo

My Po Campo bag has arrived. This little bag is the size of a clutch bag. It can hold a good sized purse/wallet, phone, keys and a few other items. It is so damned cute that I will be using it on errands that do not require me to take the 'kitchen sink'. 

The front straps unfasten to clip onto the bike handles. I clip mine onto the front basket, there is a handle on it. I will see how this works whilst cycling.

I love the pink lining, a beautiful pop of colour. There is a zipped pocket and a few pockets for lipstick and other small items. 

It comes with a shoulder strap too. 

My bike is stored inside. I did have it outside but a bear came into the garden and was very curious. I thought it best to bring it in doors, damage control. 

The colour really helps my bland looking bike. At some point I will do something with the basket to add some colour; I have seen a liner I like.

On a separate note my seat cover.

Getting Organised

It is almost that time of year when a new planner is needed to get one organised for the year. I like a planner that I can carry with me in a smallish bag. I bought this pretty little planner from Chapters-Indigo. It has everything I need, at the front is a quick month by month glance, it also has notes pages, goals list, lovely art work and a weekly planner that goes from August 2014 to the following year. Perfect for back to school calendars. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

My New Puma's

I bought these from a consignment shop La Boutique in Port Moody. If they have been worn it is only once, these are like brand new, sparkly white, the Puma loga is glittery which is not obvious in the images and it is more purple than blue. I bought these for $40.

I also bought a lovely H&M crimson jersey dress from the store that was in the sale for $11. I am very happy with my purchases.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Po Campo - Cyclist Accessories

I am awaiting my delivery, my cycling bag that fastens to the handlebars of my bike. I can't wait to get it and this is what it is: 

I love cycling, I do not ride nearly as much as I would like to but when I do I need to carry some essential items. I bought the Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag in yellow. I wanted something small to attach to my bike whilst riding and could hold my essentials. I first came across the Po Campo brand in England searching online and when I came to purchase one a few days ago on I realised that they are a Chicago based company, just across the border. I was using a bag that attaches around my waist  or across my shoulder but when filled it became bulky and uncomfortable, it wasn't enjoyable.

I can't wait to get my Po Campo bag. 

Also, I can't get enough of good cycling blogs. Seeing images of stylish people riding their stylish bikes in various locations I have never been to before. 

Listed is a number of cycling sites I think are great. Blogs, shopping, designs. Take a peak and let me know if there are any faves you think should be on the list too.

Cycle Chic  UK online shop
Le Velo Victoria BC online shop
Claire Abella Makes Cycles around Cambridge, England, loves making and selling crafts and is a great blog
Bike Pretty Blogs about all things related to bikes and fashion across the globe
The Tweed Run started in London, England and is spreading to other parts of the world. I tried to sign up for the London Tweed Run but they sold out within hours. I missed out.
Pedal Chic A lovely bike shop with lots of things to buy for you and your bike
Dring Dring I love their bike bells based in Canada

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week 2 of the 21 Day Cleanse - Clean by Dr Junger

I have suffered a whole 9 days of the 21 day cleanse however there have been some dramatic changes. To start I looked for other recipes to try to get me through the evening ordeal of 'soup' because I was getting so bloated it recommended chicken stock with vegetables. As it happened I had roasted a chicken so was able to cook the carcass and use the stock and added celery and carrots and onions and added kale at the end. It seemed to do the trick. Breakfast is doable and lunches are quite nice. Maybe if I bought the cleanse food kit this would help but I am not willing to spend on that because for two people it comes to $1K and we have done it for two people for a lot less.

In the evenings I am watching food programs to get my food porn fix it makes me salivate with hunger. I like my food so to do this is a real challenge for me I would be more than happy to instantly go to the coffee shop and get myself a latte. I would love to eat some bread and I would very much like to eat fish and chips. Arrggghh!

Before I mention the benefits so far, I will mention some side effects. For me and this isn't the same for my husband so it will be different for everyone; I have woken up with the shakes. I tremor a little, panging for food, I am not craving food but I need it. I drink my warm freshly squeezed lemon drink to start my day but until I have eaten my breakfast the shakes stay, it is like I am having a caffeine rush. Most days I get a dull headache, nothing terrible but it is there so I have to reach for 100% chocolate which helps. Also in the mornings I lack concentration not greatly but there have been times when I think what am I doing. Bad breath from the fresh clove of garlic is hard to disguise. The need to pee constantly is a must but a nuisance when going out on long trips.

The benefits, I have lost weight, I do not use the scales but I can tell around my stomach I have lost a lot of weight in just 9 days. Infact there was a noticeable change after 5 days. Even my bum looks smaller and my clothes fit differently. It is all good. The white of my eyes look whiter, my skin looks a little brighter and my nails appear to be growing stronger.. My hair looks a little thicker. I have less body odor which is great during the hot season. My husband says he is clear headed and has been sleeping better, my sleep has been deeper. I have stopped craving coffee and sugar which is a big bonus.

I do not intend to complete the 21 days I will be done by Friday. To be honest I have done well to go as far as I have but the lack of concentration the constant feeling of hunger and the food restrictions are too much. I am now gagging on my breakfast which means I am eating less the same goes for dinner, I just can't take it. I will however take away with me some new found foods, eat more healthier, take less sugar.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

No Make-up Day

On Friday I went for a bike ride with my daughter. If I am doing any activities that might create a sweat I do not wear any make-up, the pores need to breath and sweat and I do not want to wear anything that will prevent my skin from doing so. 

There is nothing more lovely than going out on the trails away from the roads listening to the birds singing, watching the river move and having nothing but wonderful greenery surrounding you. We were able to sit on the benches along the route and watch nature at its best. We ate healthy snacks and headed back onto the trails back home. 

It is great being outdoors.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Look

This is my summer look. A little blue eyeliner by Buxom cosmetics hair products by Bumble and Bumble and Chanel lippy and Sephora bronzing powder.

I love the Chanel lipsticks, the mat lippy really sticks to the lips and I love this colour, it really works for me. I always have issues finding the colour of choice.

Beach babe look using the Bumble and Bumble Surf hair products, I do like the spray it helps to reduce the oiliness in my hair and gives it some lift. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

21 Day Cleanse - Clean

This is my first attempt of doing the 21 day cleanse following Dr Junger's instructions from his book Clean. When I say it is my first attempt what I should say is that I tried to wean myself into the program several months ago and I struggled with the soup dinners so I opted out of this part of the cleanse. My husband however managed two weeks but his work schedule and evening events were not conducive to the cleanse. The second attempt lasted all of half a day and for dinner I had a Pad-Thai, yum! However this time my husband and I decided we need to do this properly. It looks like there is no way my husband is going to manage the full 21 days but he might manage fifteen, there is no good time for him to do this due to his job. However if I can manage I could possibly do the four days he can not to complete the full program.

I provided you with the small talk above because you have to be committed to do this program and really mentally prepare yourself to do it. You have to try and plan it around work events and family gatherings and be able to say no to BBQ's, chocolate, all the stuff that is bad for you. This program is not for the faint of heart, you have to commit to almost a month of gloppy breakfasts, kale salads and perhaps a lamb/chicken skewer and cold maybe warm soups which I despise. You will find for the first few days you crave all the things you had before, like wonderful milk chocolate, coffee, black tea and so on. It slowly goes away, craving less sugary foods, a need to drink lots of water. Expelling lots of water and unnecessary food is part of the detox, who wants a tube stuck up there bum anyway? I know I don't.

I have been doing the detox for a week. I dread the evening soups, my life revolves around a quiet night, kids tucked up in bed with dinner and a tv night. I dread the morning without my coffee fix, it is my routine more than a need, coffee does not start my day but I do like to have one. I love 'builders tea', sugar and milk, so English. However my cravings for sweetness is dissipating. If I have a sugar craving or caffeine need I reach for the 100% chocolate, it is not a nice taste but it has the same affects.

I am bloating which is a little strange, am I doing something wrong? Maybe I am eating too much, maybe not expelling frequently enough, supposedly after every meal you are meant to poo! I pee constantly because of the amount of water I am drinking.

Oh and then there are the pills, different vitamins you need to help with digestion, liver, pro-biotics and a few others. I am not a pill taker so I find this incredibly tedious and they get stuck in my throat which adds to the torture.

I should mention bad breath, the raw garlic is a big contributing factor no amount of mint or parsley is getting rid of it. On the good side body odor is drastically reduced if not eliminated.  Because it is a cleanse to get rid of toxins you can not wear make-up, use hair products, perfumes etc. I have some natural products that I can use but it is almost impossible to be 100% natural which makes you think, what are we doing to our bodies?

Apparently people rave about this cleanse. I have yet to see the fun, beneficial sides to it. I am sure it is doing me some good but I really do not like being bloated, I look pregnant. Funnily enough I did better when I did the breakfast and lunch part and ate what I wanted in the evening, I never experienced bloating at all, infact I lost weight because I was eating smaller meals.

I don't know, I am not a fan of fads, like cleanses and diets but I am for once willing to give it a try. Let's see how it is next week.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bumble and Bumble Surf Hair

Bumble and Bumble Surf Set. The spray is a must have for the summer season for beach-like textured hair. The Bumble and Bumble site has a lookbook and you can choose the style you like and it will tell you the products used and a video. I have never used Bumble and Bumble products before I have always considered them on the expensive side. The Surf (set) is about $38 (Can) plus tax at Sephora but it will only last about 6 washes maximum even with my mid-length hair. Sometimes I miss Boots they often have equivalents for a lot cheaper, oh hum!

Nonetheless, I have tested this product and I am impressed. There is a seaside smell to it which isn't necessarily a great thing but when I opened the bottle the smell took me to some past happy beach holidays. The shampoo is nice and light and so is the conditioner which is great for fly-away hair like mine. But the piece de resistance is the Surf Spray. Not only does it give you that beach-like quality hair it gives you volume too. My hair is fine and currently shoulder length which I am trying to grow so anything that can give my hair some volume and look great during its growing period makes me a very happy camper.

However, I will be seeing if there are cheaper versions, like Lush they do something very similar, Sea Spray which is $12.95 a realistic price point. It will help me to compare the costs and quality before committing. 

All in all I am very happy with Bumble and Bumble's Surf products.