Thursday, July 3, 2014

21 Day Cleanse - Clean

This is my first attempt of doing the 21 day cleanse following Dr Junger's instructions from his book Clean. When I say it is my first attempt what I should say is that I tried to wean myself into the program several months ago and I struggled with the soup dinners so I opted out of this part of the cleanse. My husband however managed two weeks but his work schedule and evening events were not conducive to the cleanse. The second attempt lasted all of half a day and for dinner I had a Pad-Thai, yum! However this time my husband and I decided we need to do this properly. It looks like there is no way my husband is going to manage the full 21 days but he might manage fifteen, there is no good time for him to do this due to his job. However if I can manage I could possibly do the four days he can not to complete the full program.

I provided you with the small talk above because you have to be committed to do this program and really mentally prepare yourself to do it. You have to try and plan it around work events and family gatherings and be able to say no to BBQ's, chocolate, all the stuff that is bad for you. This program is not for the faint of heart, you have to commit to almost a month of gloppy breakfasts, kale salads and perhaps a lamb/chicken skewer and cold maybe warm soups which I despise. You will find for the first few days you crave all the things you had before, like wonderful milk chocolate, coffee, black tea and so on. It slowly goes away, craving less sugary foods, a need to drink lots of water. Expelling lots of water and unnecessary food is part of the detox, who wants a tube stuck up there bum anyway? I know I don't.

I have been doing the detox for a week. I dread the evening soups, my life revolves around a quiet night, kids tucked up in bed with dinner and a tv night. I dread the morning without my coffee fix, it is my routine more than a need, coffee does not start my day but I do like to have one. I love 'builders tea', sugar and milk, so English. However my cravings for sweetness is dissipating. If I have a sugar craving or caffeine need I reach for the 100% chocolate, it is not a nice taste but it has the same affects.

I am bloating which is a little strange, am I doing something wrong? Maybe I am eating too much, maybe not expelling frequently enough, supposedly after every meal you are meant to poo! I pee constantly because of the amount of water I am drinking.

Oh and then there are the pills, different vitamins you need to help with digestion, liver, pro-biotics and a few others. I am not a pill taker so I find this incredibly tedious and they get stuck in my throat which adds to the torture.

I should mention bad breath, the raw garlic is a big contributing factor no amount of mint or parsley is getting rid of it. On the good side body odor is drastically reduced if not eliminated.  Because it is a cleanse to get rid of toxins you can not wear make-up, use hair products, perfumes etc. I have some natural products that I can use but it is almost impossible to be 100% natural which makes you think, what are we doing to our bodies?

Apparently people rave about this cleanse. I have yet to see the fun, beneficial sides to it. I am sure it is doing me some good but I really do not like being bloated, I look pregnant. Funnily enough I did better when I did the breakfast and lunch part and ate what I wanted in the evening, I never experienced bloating at all, infact I lost weight because I was eating smaller meals.

I don't know, I am not a fan of fads, like cleanses and diets but I am for once willing to give it a try. Let's see how it is next week.

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