Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Six Corner Handlebar Bag by Po Campo

My Po Campo bag has arrived. This little bag is the size of a clutch bag. It can hold a good sized purse/wallet, phone, keys and a few other items. It is so damned cute that I will be using it on errands that do not require me to take the 'kitchen sink'. 

The front straps unfasten to clip onto the bike handles. I clip mine onto the front basket, there is a handle on it. I will see how this works whilst cycling.

I love the pink lining, a beautiful pop of colour. There is a zipped pocket and a few pockets for lipstick and other small items. 

It comes with a shoulder strap too. 

My bike is stored inside. I did have it outside but a bear came into the garden and was very curious. I thought it best to bring it in doors, damage control. 

The colour really helps my bland looking bike. At some point I will do something with the basket to add some colour; I have seen a liner I like.

On a separate note my seat cover.

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