Thursday, August 28, 2014

Whistler Trip

We have recently returned from our trip to Whistler. It was short and sweet. I love Whistler I have fond memories of this place, I also love the drive along the Sea to Sky Highway. We stayed in a log cabin, it was small and quaint. The kids loved it, they had a loft bedroom with a ladder to the top. 

Beautiful scenery, beautiful weather this place is lovely in winter and summer. There is lots to do too.

The kids and I. 

We ate at a number of places but my favourite was Hy's Steakhouse. It is very upmarket and the service is topnotch. We had their famous cheese toast which was delicious. They made the caesar salad at our table and the girls loved learning and watching. Our waiter was entertaining and he was great with the kids. 

We went to the Fairmont for breakfast which was lovely and very enjoyable. Their waffles and french toast were out of this world. We have stayed at this hotel before but we were underwhelmed considering the cost, a little old fashioned in some respects, the Widflower restaurant which we went to one evening, the food was fine but it was not anywhere near as good as Hy's. However, they do good breakfasts. I will also add, Hy's filtered the wine where as the Wildflower did not and the exact same wine was $10 cheaper at Hy's.

One thing I did notice, the car parks are becoming like the UK, you have to pay. It is very disappointing and a little cheap and tacky considering the resort has a huge amount of visitors in all seasons. Nevertheless, we had amazing weather and it was a fun mini break before the kids head back to school.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey - Book One

I have finally succumbed to reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James. I have been putting it off; infact I had not intended to read the series at all. I was put off by the many negative comments particularly by avid readers in general.

I have finished reading the first book from the trilogy. There are mixed reviews on this book, some people love it, some people are very disappointed by it, others are horrified by the poor writing that they are scathing, see this indepth review of the book by CuddleBuggery book blog .  I thought the same until later in the book when I really started to get into it. Personally I am finding the book interesting. I say interesting because I know very little about bondage and it kind of gives the reader an idea of what it is about and that it is very organised, consenting and teasing so in that respect it is educational to a degree. I think this is why the book has done so well, it has opened the minds of many.

The writing skills of the author is somewhat erratic but I understand this is her first novel and it has been a success so it can't be all bad. The erotic books that I have read really are awful so I would say E.L. James did a much better job than most however I am not sure I would but this in the erotic genre. It has a strong romantic element too. Nevertheless, there appears to be some cutting and pasting, particularly in the first half of the book, it is distracting when reading, I blame the editor for not spotting the repetition. It is particularly noticeable when the writer is explaining the feelings and expressions of the characters. The author is trying her best to make the main characters seem complex but  lacks conviction at the start.  Anastasia on the surface seems to be submissive but actually she is intelligent and lacking in self confidence, this is obviously deliberate because they always say the quiet ones are the ones to watch out for! Grey is a natural born leader but there is more to him than meets the eye.  Also, the author appears to have taken a thesaurus as to be clever with some of the words and there is an immaturity to some of the writing. But some of the scenes, usually the sex scenes come across as very knowledgeable and the author clearly enjoys writing about this areas. I did notice the quality of writing seems to change later in the book, more on this in a few paragraphs time.

If you look at this book for what it is then basically it is meant to titillate and usually these sort of soft-porn books are not well written. But to read this book you need to go in with an open-mind and put any prudish thoughts aside. I can see why it is so popular even though many readers will be appalled that I have said this. Even though it is poorly written it is intriguing and I want to learn more. It is also written in a way that people want to talk about it without feeling dirty - I suppose. One of the hair salons I visited said she asked her assistant to go to the adult store to buy some 'toys' because she had read the book and wanted to see if these things actually work. I suspect the adult toy shops are seeing a rise in profits. If it makes people less inhibited and less prudish then kudos to the author for she has inspired many.

The story starts to develop once you get past 60%-70% of the story. It becomes less repetitive and almost well written, like a new writer has come along and completed the story. The characters start to come alive and the emotions start to build. You realise just how complex the characters are and there is more behind the man. Some of the scenes are pretty intense.  Fifty Shades ends well and I am left wanting more.

My final notes and please laugh along. I think Fifty Shades of Grey could have been brilliant if it wasn't so bloody repetitive because if Grey cocks his head once more I may want to lop it off (figuratively speaking). And if she does not want to eat I may have to force feed her. Arghh! The book is a fun, easy read and at times gripping if you can get past the annoyances (I just skimmed read these areas). The last chapter is so well put together that it leaves you desperate to read Book two, Fifty Shades of Darker. More on the next book soon.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey Products

Honey's Gifts
If you are single in a new or long term relationship and feel a little embarrassed about walking into an adult store do not fear Honey Gifts store is no pressure, understated shop that has some fabulous products for you and your lover. They have products from the Fifty Shades of Grey books (I have yet to read the trilogy) and have some nice smelling candles, lotions, potions etc. They also have an online shop too but I suggest going into the store, there is something quite liberating about walking in confidently and choosing your toys, besides the staff are there to help and give some product info and to be non-judgmental. However, there appears to be more items available online than in the store.

Pretty storage bag
So recently I walked into Honey Gifts store in Gastown and decided I needed a few items to add to my collection. One of the things I want to work on is my kegel exercises and I have read some good reviews about the Fifty Shades Delicious Pleasure Balls. I asked the lady in the store if these would be good for someone who had not used them before and she was very knowledgeable and answered my questions. They do have other balls that have various sizes and weight like the the Fifty Shades Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls which I think will be my next purchase.

To give you some info, you can wear them as long as you need to and exercise the vaginal walls whilst doing your daily chores. Inserting them is very easy and you can add a little water based lubrication. At no point do I feel as they are going to pop out. I do not have to work hard to keep them in unlike the heavier ones I suspect but as a tester and a bit of fun they are a great asset to having a workout and also some bedroom fun. There is a a silicone layer to keep the balls in place and a silver egg shaped ball within a ball which is not visible that you can feel moving around and depending on your activity you get different sensations.You will need to take them out when going to the loo, so if you are bold enough to wear them at work then make sure you have what you need to clean them and re-insert them.

I really should get the books. I think I will do that now.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ombre Hair Colour

Yesterday I decided to go Ombre with my hair colour. As you can see my roots are a redish brown and goes to blonde. I don't wear my hair parted like this I wanted to show you what the colour looks like when I part it normally the colour is not so exaggerated. What I love about the ombre colour is it is low maintenance and I prefer not spending every eight weeks in the salon (I can't think of anything more boring to be honest). Also when my hair is tied back you can see more of the darker colour and when it is curled you can see both colours twisting around which looks splendid indeed. The colour also works well with my complexion and eye colour (they are dark blue which doesn't show up in this image). 

The make-up I am wearing is natural, barely-there look. Pixi illuminating tint and conceal #2, Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker, colour Half Naked and a little blush. Pixi eyeshadow from a box set, colours unknown but they are a soft pink and brown. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Body Conscious

I am working on a few blog posts about being body conscious, sex, and adult fun. I am going to be matter of fact about it. If prudish or underage  it is preferable you miss these posts or read with caution however I will be keeping it clean.

Some people feel very self conscious of being naked in the bright lights of the day or the lights need to be turned off in the bedroom at night. We don't want our wobbly bits showing do we? Let's face it, the reason we go into the bedroom is we want to see the wobbly bits and play! Remember that person chose you, they want to see you in all your glory. But the high expectations of Hollywood bodies are the forefront of peoples mind.   Not all men have the chest muscles, ripped abs and large biceps or likewise not all women have long thin legs with no cellulite and peachy bottoms or the flat washboard abs that apparently make people more appealing. Hollywood and fashion magazines set unrealistic goals. The everyday person can't possible compare themselves to these people since their lively hoods depend on them looking a certain way. However, the pressure is still on women to appear thin. Yet women's bodies change overtime due to puberty, having children etc. Our bodies look less boyish as we mature and we become fuller figured, not for everyone of course because we are not all the same but there is pressure to keep our boyish figures because the media suggests it.

Recently there have been posting of women who have had children who's bodies have bounced back within days of giving birth. Lucky them, I say. Not everyone is the same after having children. Due to my tough childbirth and how my body reacted it took me over a year and a lot of hard work before I got anywhere near my pre-baby body and even then I never really reached my goal. With my second child it was a little different I regained my pre-baby weight within a week or so but my birth was easier and less traumatic to my body and I was able to exercise within four weeks. But getting into a routine to exercise after kids is a challenge unless you have a support network.

Over the years a woman's body will change from developing small breasts as a teenager and changing cup sizes as we get older, bum and thighs tend to get bigger and the tell tale signs of having kids around the tummy. Stretch marks, cellulite all the things apparently women should not have exposed will appear. But you know what?  That is what it is to be a woman.

A few things that can help you look great and feel sexy is wearing the right underwear. Wearing the right clothing, walking tall and  feeling confident and sexy can get you more looks by men and women than walking small in a drabby t-shirt, cut off shorts and flip flops. Men love women looking like women, showing off their curves wearing a nice dress, skirt and blouse, heels, stockings. You do not need to wear a skirt that just about covers your bum or a top that shows too much boob to look great, infact you will probably attract a different kind of person being scantily clad which is fine if that is what you want. Exuding confidence will always win over those needy people with body insecurities, no matter what your size.  Listening to someone complain about the way they look is a real turn off for both men and women. It makes someone sound needy, insecure, needs someone to tell them they look great all the time, also comes across as if it is all about ME. Argghh! I have met many people like this (usually the ones with the great legs etc) and it is draining. Stop looking at the negatives and accentuate the positive, looking at the negatives is such a bore and frustrating to the party having to listen to your nonsense.

Be proud of what you have, set realistic goals but do not compare yourself with others, be body confident, what you consider negative may actually be your best features.

Love your body, you are beautiful.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Po Campo Bag

In my Po Campo Six Corner Handlebar Bag you can see that it can fit in quite a bit.

Here I have my LV wallet, my Samsung phone, a set of keys and a tube of handcream by Crabtree and Evelyn. Sometimes I leave the wallet at home and take out the essentials and fit it into the zipped compartment inside the bag which means I can fit more things in. 

It goes pretty much everywhere with me. On the bike, to the shops, at the beach to the park and it has a handy shoulder strap too that has thread that reflects light.  

I have taken this bag on a boat where I ended up having a water fight and it kept everything inside it dry.

It really is a multipurpose bag.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Harrison Hot Springs Vacation

Harrison Hot Springs for a mini-vacation with family is a great getaway, only an hour away from my house and has the most amazing scenery. Accommodation is very reasonably priced and there are many options; camping, hotels, motels, etc. The resort isn't overcrowded so there is plenty of space on the beach and lots of water activities too. This is not a place for single people looking to find the 'one', most are couples or families looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy the day and the evening has places for the adults to drink and kids to play. It is not noisy at all. 

There are a few pitfalls to this little resort. One of the beach areas by the lagoon which seems like a great place to swim with kids had so much bird (geese) poo, it was appalling. We decided against swimming in it. The restaurants were mediocre. If all you want to eat is greasy food or ice cream then you will love it otherwise it is best to bring your own food. Trying to find a place that served hearty salads was almost non-existent unless you wanted to pay fine dining prices. Considering it was 30+ degrees the option of a salad and/or fish would have been nice, eating bacon, burgers etc was too much all the time. However I did find a cafe serving nice sandwiches and coffee but the woman serving was surly and positively miserable. Nothing like bad customer service to really annoy someone.  Ah yes the customer service at the resort was abysmal, it reminds me of  UK customer service, they do it because they have to but rather not. Being British I am used to shoddy service but getting it in British Columbia was disappointing.  I heard many customers getting annoyed with staff.  Also, I got annoyed with some older folks trying to calm our kids down, they were playing outside a cafe, I guess they had older kids and forgotten that a holiday is exciting to the little ones (tossers). Also, my kids were told in an unfriendly manner that they had to be careful handling products in a shop,  that really pissed me off (the unfriendliness) so I promptly left. I should add my kids were being careful and playing quietly so their requests were unwarranted. Don't get me wrong not everywhere was like this bit these few things stuck in my mind at this small resort.

 My husband is such a foody it will be hard for me to get him go again. However for a short break and perhaps hire one of the boats I might be able to get us out there again. Now we know where it is, what to expect we can change the way we do things next visit and so some site seeing in the surrounding area. The convenience of the locality and a good family beach resort appeals to us. The food and hospitality is a little to be desired and it feels as though it has not moved on much over the last twenty years or so, this is what lets the resort down.

Our next trip is to Whistler in a yurt. I can't wait.

Water park on the lake

Ready for the beach

The strip

The lake and views