Sunday, August 10, 2014

Body Conscious

I am working on a few blog posts about being body conscious, sex, and adult fun. I am going to be matter of fact about it. If prudish or underage  it is preferable you miss these posts or read with caution however I will be keeping it clean.

Some people feel very self conscious of being naked in the bright lights of the day or the lights need to be turned off in the bedroom at night. We don't want our wobbly bits showing do we? Let's face it, the reason we go into the bedroom is we want to see the wobbly bits and play! Remember that person chose you, they want to see you in all your glory. But the high expectations of Hollywood bodies are the forefront of peoples mind.   Not all men have the chest muscles, ripped abs and large biceps or likewise not all women have long thin legs with no cellulite and peachy bottoms or the flat washboard abs that apparently make people more appealing. Hollywood and fashion magazines set unrealistic goals. The everyday person can't possible compare themselves to these people since their lively hoods depend on them looking a certain way. However, the pressure is still on women to appear thin. Yet women's bodies change overtime due to puberty, having children etc. Our bodies look less boyish as we mature and we become fuller figured, not for everyone of course because we are not all the same but there is pressure to keep our boyish figures because the media suggests it.

Recently there have been posting of women who have had children who's bodies have bounced back within days of giving birth. Lucky them, I say. Not everyone is the same after having children. Due to my tough childbirth and how my body reacted it took me over a year and a lot of hard work before I got anywhere near my pre-baby body and even then I never really reached my goal. With my second child it was a little different I regained my pre-baby weight within a week or so but my birth was easier and less traumatic to my body and I was able to exercise within four weeks. But getting into a routine to exercise after kids is a challenge unless you have a support network.

Over the years a woman's body will change from developing small breasts as a teenager and changing cup sizes as we get older, bum and thighs tend to get bigger and the tell tale signs of having kids around the tummy. Stretch marks, cellulite all the things apparently women should not have exposed will appear. But you know what?  That is what it is to be a woman.

A few things that can help you look great and feel sexy is wearing the right underwear. Wearing the right clothing, walking tall and  feeling confident and sexy can get you more looks by men and women than walking small in a drabby t-shirt, cut off shorts and flip flops. Men love women looking like women, showing off their curves wearing a nice dress, skirt and blouse, heels, stockings. You do not need to wear a skirt that just about covers your bum or a top that shows too much boob to look great, infact you will probably attract a different kind of person being scantily clad which is fine if that is what you want. Exuding confidence will always win over those needy people with body insecurities, no matter what your size.  Listening to someone complain about the way they look is a real turn off for both men and women. It makes someone sound needy, insecure, needs someone to tell them they look great all the time, also comes across as if it is all about ME. Argghh! I have met many people like this (usually the ones with the great legs etc) and it is draining. Stop looking at the negatives and accentuate the positive, looking at the negatives is such a bore and frustrating to the party having to listen to your nonsense.

Be proud of what you have, set realistic goals but do not compare yourself with others, be body confident, what you consider negative may actually be your best features.

Love your body, you are beautiful.

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