Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey - Book One

I have finally succumbed to reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James. I have been putting it off; infact I had not intended to read the series at all. I was put off by the many negative comments particularly by avid readers in general.

I have finished reading the first book from the trilogy. There are mixed reviews on this book, some people love it, some people are very disappointed by it, others are horrified by the poor writing that they are scathing, see this indepth review of the book by CuddleBuggery book blog .  I thought the same until later in the book when I really started to get into it. Personally I am finding the book interesting. I say interesting because I know very little about bondage and it kind of gives the reader an idea of what it is about and that it is very organised, consenting and teasing so in that respect it is educational to a degree. I think this is why the book has done so well, it has opened the minds of many.

The writing skills of the author is somewhat erratic but I understand this is her first novel and it has been a success so it can't be all bad. The erotic books that I have read really are awful so I would say E.L. James did a much better job than most however I am not sure I would but this in the erotic genre. It has a strong romantic element too. Nevertheless, there appears to be some cutting and pasting, particularly in the first half of the book, it is distracting when reading, I blame the editor for not spotting the repetition. It is particularly noticeable when the writer is explaining the feelings and expressions of the characters. The author is trying her best to make the main characters seem complex but  lacks conviction at the start.  Anastasia on the surface seems to be submissive but actually she is intelligent and lacking in self confidence, this is obviously deliberate because they always say the quiet ones are the ones to watch out for! Grey is a natural born leader but there is more to him than meets the eye.  Also, the author appears to have taken a thesaurus as to be clever with some of the words and there is an immaturity to some of the writing. But some of the scenes, usually the sex scenes come across as very knowledgeable and the author clearly enjoys writing about this areas. I did notice the quality of writing seems to change later in the book, more on this in a few paragraphs time.

If you look at this book for what it is then basically it is meant to titillate and usually these sort of soft-porn books are not well written. But to read this book you need to go in with an open-mind and put any prudish thoughts aside. I can see why it is so popular even though many readers will be appalled that I have said this. Even though it is poorly written it is intriguing and I want to learn more. It is also written in a way that people want to talk about it without feeling dirty - I suppose. One of the hair salons I visited said she asked her assistant to go to the adult store to buy some 'toys' because she had read the book and wanted to see if these things actually work. I suspect the adult toy shops are seeing a rise in profits. If it makes people less inhibited and less prudish then kudos to the author for she has inspired many.

The story starts to develop once you get past 60%-70% of the story. It becomes less repetitive and almost well written, like a new writer has come along and completed the story. The characters start to come alive and the emotions start to build. You realise just how complex the characters are and there is more behind the man. Some of the scenes are pretty intense.  Fifty Shades ends well and I am left wanting more.

My final notes and please laugh along. I think Fifty Shades of Grey could have been brilliant if it wasn't so bloody repetitive because if Grey cocks his head once more I may want to lop it off (figuratively speaking). And if she does not want to eat I may have to force feed her. Arghh! The book is a fun, easy read and at times gripping if you can get past the annoyances (I just skimmed read these areas). The last chapter is so well put together that it leaves you desperate to read Book two, Fifty Shades of Darker. More on the next book soon.

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