Monday, August 4, 2014

Harrison Hot Springs Vacation

Harrison Hot Springs for a mini-vacation with family is a great getaway, only an hour away from my house and has the most amazing scenery. Accommodation is very reasonably priced and there are many options; camping, hotels, motels, etc. The resort isn't overcrowded so there is plenty of space on the beach and lots of water activities too. This is not a place for single people looking to find the 'one', most are couples or families looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy the day and the evening has places for the adults to drink and kids to play. It is not noisy at all. 

There are a few pitfalls to this little resort. One of the beach areas by the lagoon which seems like a great place to swim with kids had so much bird (geese) poo, it was appalling. We decided against swimming in it. The restaurants were mediocre. If all you want to eat is greasy food or ice cream then you will love it otherwise it is best to bring your own food. Trying to find a place that served hearty salads was almost non-existent unless you wanted to pay fine dining prices. Considering it was 30+ degrees the option of a salad and/or fish would have been nice, eating bacon, burgers etc was too much all the time. However I did find a cafe serving nice sandwiches and coffee but the woman serving was surly and positively miserable. Nothing like bad customer service to really annoy someone.  Ah yes the customer service at the resort was abysmal, it reminds me of  UK customer service, they do it because they have to but rather not. Being British I am used to shoddy service but getting it in British Columbia was disappointing.  I heard many customers getting annoyed with staff.  Also, I got annoyed with some older folks trying to calm our kids down, they were playing outside a cafe, I guess they had older kids and forgotten that a holiday is exciting to the little ones (tossers). Also, my kids were told in an unfriendly manner that they had to be careful handling products in a shop,  that really pissed me off (the unfriendliness) so I promptly left. I should add my kids were being careful and playing quietly so their requests were unwarranted. Don't get me wrong not everywhere was like this bit these few things stuck in my mind at this small resort.

 My husband is such a foody it will be hard for me to get him go again. However for a short break and perhaps hire one of the boats I might be able to get us out there again. Now we know where it is, what to expect we can change the way we do things next visit and so some site seeing in the surrounding area. The convenience of the locality and a good family beach resort appeals to us. The food and hospitality is a little to be desired and it feels as though it has not moved on much over the last twenty years or so, this is what lets the resort down.

Our next trip is to Whistler in a yurt. I can't wait.

Water park on the lake

Ready for the beach

The strip

The lake and views

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