Friday, August 15, 2014

Ombre Hair Colour

Yesterday I decided to go Ombre with my hair colour. As you can see my roots are a redish brown and goes to blonde. I don't wear my hair parted like this I wanted to show you what the colour looks like when I part it normally the colour is not so exaggerated. What I love about the ombre colour is it is low maintenance and I prefer not spending every eight weeks in the salon (I can't think of anything more boring to be honest). Also when my hair is tied back you can see more of the darker colour and when it is curled you can see both colours twisting around which looks splendid indeed. The colour also works well with my complexion and eye colour (they are dark blue which doesn't show up in this image). 

The make-up I am wearing is natural, barely-there look. Pixi illuminating tint and conceal #2, Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker, colour Half Naked and a little blush. Pixi eyeshadow from a box set, colours unknown but they are a soft pink and brown. 

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