Thursday, August 28, 2014

Whistler Trip

We have recently returned from our trip to Whistler. It was short and sweet. I love Whistler I have fond memories of this place, I also love the drive along the Sea to Sky Highway. We stayed in a log cabin, it was small and quaint. The kids loved it, they had a loft bedroom with a ladder to the top. 

Beautiful scenery, beautiful weather this place is lovely in winter and summer. There is lots to do too.

The kids and I. 

We ate at a number of places but my favourite was Hy's Steakhouse. It is very upmarket and the service is topnotch. We had their famous cheese toast which was delicious. They made the caesar salad at our table and the girls loved learning and watching. Our waiter was entertaining and he was great with the kids. 

We went to the Fairmont for breakfast which was lovely and very enjoyable. Their waffles and french toast were out of this world. We have stayed at this hotel before but we were underwhelmed considering the cost, a little old fashioned in some respects, the Widflower restaurant which we went to one evening, the food was fine but it was not anywhere near as good as Hy's. However, they do good breakfasts. I will also add, Hy's filtered the wine where as the Wildflower did not and the exact same wine was $10 cheaper at Hy's.

One thing I did notice, the car parks are becoming like the UK, you have to pay. It is very disappointing and a little cheap and tacky considering the resort has a huge amount of visitors in all seasons. Nevertheless, we had amazing weather and it was a fun mini break before the kids head back to school.

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