Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hair Dressers

I don't know about you but finding a hairdresser that you like and can be loyal to is a real challenge. My hair type is easy to work with but the amount of people that have screwed it up over the years is astonishing. Many times I have left a salon looking like I have aged ten years or a cut that washes terribly and cannot be styled at home. A few years ago I had a cut that made my hair frizzy, it was a first for me. However, I finally found myself a good hair stylist, she has the same hair type as I and we both liked the same looks so she could easily cut and blow dry my hair without thinking too much.  Yesterday I called up for a last minute appointment only to discover she has moved onto pastures new. Noooooo! All was not lost, the lady who I was referred to was even better. She cut it and styled it in a way that suits me. She listened to what I wanted and shaped it along the way until we decided it was finished. In fact she was positively lovely and easy to talk to (the talking is the bit that kills me at hairdressers, I feel obliged to chat even though I prefer not to in most cases). So where did I go? I went to Luxe Hair Salon in Port Moody. The staff are friendly, the customer service is excellent, they will hang up your bag and coat which is out of view and located at your station. They have a varied drinks menu and it is very relaxed. 

So here is the cut and I am very, very pleased with it, indeed. 

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