Friday, December 12, 2014

A Christmas Gift Idea.

iHeat Wear  Hand Warmer 1, on sale for $69.99 plus tax.

The iHeat Wear products have to be one of the best investments our there for everyone and could potentially be the most talked about Christmas present. 

I suffer with cold hands, I am often tucking my hands into my pockets or wearing cumbersome big gloves when I am outdoors. Something as simple as picking up my keys from my bag can become a challenge when wearing thick gloves but the hand warmer allows for greater freedom.  Even when I am indoors, typing on the computer,  or watching the TV I am often pulling at my sleeves to cover my poor freezing hands. 

Hand Warmer 2. $89.99 plus tax.

Wearing gloves in an office can be unsightly but the hand warmer is a great alternative. The hand warmer and gloves are excellent for cyclists, dog walkers, office workers, outdoor workers and sports folk alike. I have been using the hand warmer from iHeat Wear . I have the black one which is now on sale for $69.99 plus tax.

The iHeat products have controllable heated elements inside. Soft and oh, so cozy. It comes with  a rechargeable battery which is attached inside and concealed in the hidden zipper compartment . The adjustable strap as seen in the image goes around your waist, it also acts as a belt, I say this because my black long coat looks great pulled in at the waist and having access to something that warms my hands is an added bonus.

 I am in love with this product, my hands quickly heat up inside the warmer and I can easily release my hands when I need them to be free. My kids also loves sneaking in their hands.

This is a new Canadian company which ships worldwide and they have other available products like heated inner-liner gloves which I hope to get at a later date to go over my normal gloves, great for winter bike rides, hikes etc. They also have ski gloves which I am seriously looking at purchasing for when I go skiing. 

I highly recommend this product. Check out their website and order as soon as possible these babies run out fast.

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