Thursday, April 30, 2015

What is in a hair cut?

I have tended to lean towards long hair but on occasions I just want it gone. All I do it tie it back or wash and go that means it is messy and frizzy when it is longer but today I made an impromptu stop at the hair salon and said I want it shorter but feminine. As it happens my hairstylist had similar hair to me and had it in a style that I liked so she was more than capable of taking this task on. 

Changing your hair is a big deal, it can change the way you look and my, oh my, have I ever had bad hair cuts but taking the leap of faith that the style you want will look just fine is worth the plunge. Besides when my hair is tied back my hair looks like the above so I may as well chop the pony tail off. 

So what is in a hair cut? For me, going short is a kind of liberation, a time for change, I am paving a new future and I am ready to move forward even if no one else is. So here it is, it may not be considered sexy, feminine to have short hair but I am not seeking approval this is not about you it is about me and what I want and that is what it comes down to, seeking your own approval, believing it is right for you. Besides, hair grows back and I am looking forward to that part too.

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